UK's 'first vegan pub' opens for business

UK's 'first vegan pub' opens for business

What is believed to be Britain’s first vegetarian and vegan pub has opened for business in Bristol.

The Adam and Eve serves only vegetarian food and drink. The outlet is run by the same family that already operates Small Bar, a craft-ale pub in the city.

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The Adam and Eve was opened by Bruce Grey, who is himself a vegan. The menu is 100 per cent vegetarian, with 80 per cent of the meals suitable for people following vegan diets.

Mr Grey told The Bristol Post: "When we were thinking of starting the pub we wanted to make it completely different from what we have at Small Bar and different again from the hundreds of other gastro-pubs in Bristol.

"During our research we couldn't find any other vegetarian and vegan pub in the UK - there are cafes and restaurants, but no pubs. And as a vegan, I thought this would be a fantastic idea."

The publican and his wife have been following vegan diets for five years but Mr Grey insisted the pub wasn’t off-limits to meat eaters. He is hoping to attract local as well as people travelling to the bar to try the meat-free menu.

"We aim to serve food which is exciting, diverse and flavoursome,” he added.

"We have paid a lot of attention to textures and flavours, so we think it is a menu for people to get really excited about."

The drinks served at the bar are also all free from animal products.