Car flipped after crashing at Keighley dealership

Car flipped after crashing at Keighley dealership

Several vehicles at a car dealership in Keighley have been damaged following a dramatic accident last week.

On Wednesday 24 September a man driving a Honda crashed at high speed into the security barrier outside the Colin Appleyard Suzuki dealership in Halifax Road. The vehicle flipped onto its roof and flew into the dealership’s forecourt, damaging several cars in the process, Keighley News reported.

Incidents like this highlight the various levels of protection traders must get when obtaining a motor trade insurance quote. First and foremost road risks insurance will be essential for anyone repairing or selling cars, either full or part-time; crashes can happen at any time, even with careful drivers, so it is essential that mechanics and dealers are insured when driving other people’s vehicles as part of their business practices.

This story also shows the importance of the other elements of a combined trader’s insurance policy. Not only can this protect vehicles stored on site from accidental or malicious damage, but it will also provide cover for the building premises itself.

Two fire engines responded to the accident last week, with firefighters having to cut the adult male out of the upturned vehicle.

Keighley crew commander David Knox commented: "We stabilised the car, cut one of the doors off, extricated the male casualty on a spinal board and he was then taken to hospital. It took about 15 minutes to get him out."

He added that the man had been the only occupant of the vehicle, and described his injuries as "non-life threatening".