Inquest reports on car mechanic crushed to death

Inquest reports on car mechanic crushed to death

A mechanic from the West Midlands died after the car he was working on crushed him, an investigation into the death concluded this week.

The incident resulting in the death of Stephen Millington, 53, dates back to 11 October 2013 at a premises in Quarry Bank, with the results of an inquest into the part-time mechanic’s death being heard on 22 September. The Health and Safety Executive found that Mr Millington had been working under an Alfa Romeo when it then fell off an axle stand and landed on him – he was found dead by a colleague the next morning, the Express and Star reported.

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Paul Bate, a friend who shared the workshop with Mr Millington, explained that the deceased would do bits of mechanic work around his full-time job as a hospital engineer and as a result would occasionally rush jobs. Robin Balmain, the senior coroner, and Jamie Davies, an inspector from the Health and Safety Executive, confirmed that Mr Millington had not taken due care in the way he carried out his work when the car fell on him.