Audi’s new tech allows cars to communicate with traffic lights

Audi’s new tech allows cars to communicate with traffic lights

New technology being introduced into some of Audi's A4 and Q7 models this year could make driving less stressful for motorists - and make Audis even more popular in the process.

The 'V-to-I' technology, as it is being called, allows the vehicle to 'communicate' with traffic lights. This enabled the car to notify the driver when a red traffic light will turn green and if an approaching green traffic light is about to turn red.

Pioneering technology such as this is part of the reason why the German manufacturer's cars are so popular in the UK. If you run a car dealership and are considering adding more high-spec models to your forecourt, don't overlook the importance of updating your dealership insurance to include your new stock.

Audi insists the feature is intended to provide added 'comfort and convenience', rather than providing extra safety for the driver. However, the countdown display showing when a driver is at a red light will turn off before the lights change to enable the motorist to concentrate on the junction.

UK drivers may need to wait a while before they can enjoy this technology, however, as it is first being rolled out in up to seven US cities this year. Rolling out the technology would require input from local councils and transportation agencies, but could eventually help to ease congestion - so could prove attractive, particularly in urban areas. Aston University professor of industry David Bailey, told the BBC: "We would need to see a substantial investment in infrastructure here in the UK to make such technologies workable."

In the future, the technology could see cars automatically slowing, stopping or starting in response to lights, according to Audi.