Car dealership targeted by arsonists suffer £80,000 costs

Car dealership targeted by arsonists suffer £80,000 costs

The owners of a car dealership in Gwent have reported damage with a value of around £80,000 after a masked gang attacked their business, setting fire to 17 cars and several buildings.

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Matt Taylor, who co-owns Dragon Car Sales - the business affected by the attack, told The South Wales Argus that he will pay anyone with helpful information for the police about the attack a £5,000 reward.

Police are working with some CCTV footage of the gang, who also targeted the business's sales office and a wooden temporary building. Taylor told the newspaper: “The office is a wooden structure so it will be completely knocked down and rebuilt because of the damage the fire caused. So many cars are damaged and it will probably cost £2,000 per car, times that by 17 and there we go."

“We are a family owned business and all have children. All we want to do is provide for them without people trying to destroy our livelihoods," he added.

Taylor went on to add that they have been forced to continue trading in order to keep cash coming in, despite some damaged cars still being on show in the forecourt.

The owners of the business have no idea why they were targeted.