Dealer forced to upgrade to pricey security following vandalism attack

Dealer forced to upgrade to pricey security following vandalism attack

A Dundee car dealership has been targeted by vandals, who slashed the tyres of 45 cars on its forecourt.

Gordon Sinclair, the owner of Cowgate Motors on Clepington Road, said his insurance policy will not cover the cost of a new CCTV system and, therefore, the attack is going to leave him out of pocket.

A total of 180 tyres were slashed during the attack and Sinclair told reporters at the Evening Telegraph that he has been forced to install a much more robust security system as a response. He told the paper: “The cost will not be covered by an insurance claim. It’s going to have to be out of my own pocket."

These kinds of attacks are rare but they are a perfect example of why taking out comprehensive dealership insurance is so essential for dealers who want to avoid enormous bills or even business closure should they be a victim of a vandalism attack, fire or flood.

Mr Sinclair is so determined to find out who the culprits are that he is reportedly offering a cash reward of £1,000 to anyone who has information about the attack. He said: “No one has come forward yet but someone must know something. I think the police have a couple of clues and seem to be quite confident, so I’m really hopeful. I’m optimistic about them finding the culprits and I really hope they do — otherwise they’re still out there and could come back.

“But, even if they do catch them, it won’t get my business back open."

As well as the cars targeted at the dealership, other vehicles parked in the surrounding roads also had their tyres slashed in the attack.

Sinclair went on to add that the dealership should be back in business come Christmas.