Dealers fear being ripped off by consumer sellers

Dealers fear being ripped off by consumer sellers

Dealers are aware of the risks of buying faulty cars from members of the public, according to online car sales website Wizzle.

Wizzle says it has spoken to dealers who have been 'ripped off' when buying direct from consumers in the past. It adds that despite the press often reporting on the risks involved with dealing with unscrupulous dealers, dealers themselves often fall victim to dishonesty concerning the condition of a car sold by a consumer.

Wizzle's Sébastien Duval stated: “It’s unfortunate that there is a popular myth that the only person at risk in a transaction like this is the motorist, when all of us in the trade know that not all private sellers are as open as they could be about the details of their vehicle."

He said that the swapping of detailed pictures can significantly reduce the risk to dealers of picking up a dud vehicle.

Dealers are advised to ensure that they take out comprehensive dealership insurance to make sure they cover their business, including any new stock. Dealership insurance will cover dealers for a range of risks that they come across in the course of doing business.

Duval explained that any deal between a consumer and a dealer, regardless of who is doing the buying and who is doing the selling, should be undertaken in a transparent way to help minimise risk. He explained: “It’s also interesting that when you treat the deal between a consumer and a dealer as an honest transaction instead of a battle of wits, by maximising transparency to build trust, you end up with a more satisfying outcome for everyone.”