Glasgow drivers spend most on cars

Glasgow drivers spend most on cars

Motorists in the Scottish city of Glasgow spend more on new cars than drivers in the other major cities in the UK.

This is according to new research from, which is undertaking a major investigation into buying trends around the UK. It looked at the average buyers were spending on new cars in the UK's ten largest cities by looking at sales figures in various regions.

Glaswegians spent an average of £26,271 on their new cars, topping the list. Coming in second were drivers in Edinburgh, who spent an average of £26,166 - putting Scotland firmly in the lead when it comes to splashing out on a new car.

While many would expect Londoners to to spent the most, they actually came in third, spending an average of £26,160. Car dealers in Scottish cities and London will welcome the news that drivers in these regions are willing to spend around £2,000 more on their new cars than in other areas of the UK. Taking on more stock can be a great way to respond to market demand, but dealers need to ensure their dealership insurance covers their entire stockpile of cars, both new and used.

The remaining cities included in the research were ranked in the following order: Cardiff, Birmingham, Sheffield, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool, with Cardiff drivers spending an average of £24,199 and Liverpudlians spending an average of just £21,979.

Carwow also found that there was a large difference between what men were willing to spend on their new cars compared with what women spend. In England and Wales, men spend an average of around £4,000 more on their new cars than women. However, In Scotland, women spent an average of £2,000 more than men.