Hyundai's new Click To Buy service launched

Hyundai's new Click To Buy service launched

Hyundai is launching a new online tool that will allow motorists to buy a new car at the click of a button, as easily as buying groceries online.

Its Click To Buy site is intended to simplify the process of buying a Hyundai. For consumers, the cars on the site will carry "competitive fixed pricing" which is meant to remove the haggling element from the process of buying a car.

Dealers will have mixed feelings about this new product, as some could see it as a threat to the way in which drivers make car purchases. However, there is also a widespread opinion that anything that helps consumers to feel more in control of the purchasing process and more engaged is a good thing.

Dealers are aware that most drivers do a huge amount of research online before making a purchase at a dealership and the response from most dealerships is to embrace this change and use it as a reason to improve the customer service offering to clients once they do make the move into a dealership.

Taking out the right level of new and used car dealership insurance is a fundamental part of offering good customer service.

The Hyundai service enable cash buyers to make a purchase within just five minutes. A delivery driver then brings their new car to their door and takes away their old car.

“We’ve spent many years listening to customers and Click To Buy is the result: it’s a site that makes the process of buying a new car easier, simpler and clearer than ever, doing away with haggling through fixed pricing – and offering the ability to buy a car online in just five minutes flat," says Tony Whitehorn, president and CEO of Hyundai UK.