Several new Vauxhall models planned for release next year

Several new Vauxhall models planned for release next year

Vauxhall has released details of its new SUV, which will be launched next year alongside several other new models in a move that will be welcomed by Vauxhall dealers hoping to attract new customers over the coming 12 months.

The manufacturer has announced that the new SUV will be called the Crossland X and will sit alongside its Mokka X SUV but that each model is expected to have its own market.

“The Crossland X will sit next to the Mokka X in our range, but their identities will be well-defined, and we anticipate that each will have its own following," stated Rory Harvey, Vauxhall's managing director.

The announcement also revealed information about the firm's planned launch of the new Insignia Grand Sport, which will provide a new option in the D-sector. It said there are also plans for two new models in the SUV/crossover class in 2017.

Vauxhall dealers will no doubt be anticipating increased sales off the back of the new stock they will be able to display and sell next year. However, it is vital that dealers realise the impact that changing stock can have on their new and used car dealership insurance and update their policy accordingly.

Harvey stated: “2017 will be a landmark year for Vauxhall. The Insignia Grand Sport will force buyers to reassess how they perceive our brand, and later in the year our two crossover offerings will bring Vauxhall to, in many cases, completely new sets of buyers.”

The Crossland X will be the first of the new models to be launched at the beginning of the year.