Holiday photos ‘could invalidate home insurance claims’

Holiday photos ‘could invalidate home insurance claims’

Sharing selfies on social media that show you're away on holiday could invalidate your home insurance claim if you get burgled, according to price comparison site

Social media addicts have been warned that some insurers are now looking at online activity when they receive claims on home insurance, stating that sharing pictures of your latest holiday, or posting the location or date of your trip could be considered "reckless", and so invalidate your insurance.

If you're planning on going on holiday, make sure you purchase adequate home insurance before you leave. It's important to check exactly what your insurance covers so you'll receive the right level of compensation if something should go wrong.

According to a spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police, sharing pictures of your holiday could put your possessions at risk by alerting thieves to the fact your house is empty.

Bob Bunney, crime reduction leader for Devon and Cornwall Police said: "These days we also have to take care about what is posted on social media. Thieves may pick up on holiday posts and photos and realise that your home is empty."

He added: "They may use the information on your social media accounts to work out where you live and take advantage of your absence."

In response to the warning from insurers, Devon and Cornwall Police have released top tips for summer safety, suggesting that homeowners should keep all windows and doors closed, should not leave keys in locks or near letterboxes, and should mark any valuable equipment.

They also suggested holidaymakers ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on their home and ask them to collect mail and newspapers so they don't pile up and draw attention to burglars.