Digital is the key to success

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According to a recent survey from iVendi, an e-commerce solutions developer, one-third of all car purchases could be conducted solely online.

It may come as no surprise then, that the most successful dealers are the ones embracing digital marketing solutions. In fact, 74 percent of all potential car buyers use their smartphones to research cars and search for deals.

These findings emphasise the marked shift in how potential customers research and decide on a purchase. As the traditional method of relying on the knowledge and expertise of the dealer has given way to the convenience of online shopping, dealers need to begin adjusting their strategies to embrace more mobile and digital solutions.

Some key statistics to be aware of

According to Autotrader:

  • 88 percent of car buyers use the internet to shop for a new or used car.
  • 46 percent of car buyers use multiple devices when shopping for a new or used car.
  • 71 percent of car buyers go online to research what is the best price.
  • 46 percent of car buyers go online to locate a dealer or get more information.

To ensure that your dealership can remain competitive, incorporate these simple elements into your business:

  • Engage with negative online reviews, as failing to do so could seriously erode consumer trust.
  • Display any certification badges or labels that prove your dealership offers trusted, quality service on your home page.
  • Provide potential car buyers the option to live chat with dealership staff.
  • Offer photographs, a detailed description and a range of financing options for each of the vehicles that you have in stock.