Drivers failing to identify road signs

Drivers failing to identify road signs

British drivers can only identify 79 per cent of UK road signs, with one in five signs completely unknown, according to new research from Kwik Fit.

The study revealed that the most common mistakes after misidentifying road signs include breaking the speed limit, which occurred in 16 per cent of cases, while 15 per cent had to brake suddenly.

It's important that car dealers take adequate steps to avoid the costs associated with mistakes made on the road, and having the correct level of motor trade insurance and road risks insurance is vital.

As a result of their lack of knowledge about UK road signs, many of the study's respondents suggested that the driving theory and hazard perception tests should be retaken throughout people's motoring lives, with 53 per cent stating it should be repeated at least once every twenty years.

According to Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit, the findings highlight that many British drivers are ready to accept they don't know the meaning of every road sign, despite thinking they're generally good drivers.

“Our research showed some surprising results, and indicated that there are some clear instructions and safety warnings which drivers are not picking up on when out on the road," Mr Griggs said.

Commenting on the suggestion that drivers should retake their driving theory and hazard perception tests, Mr Griggs added: “While people can’t be expected to voluntarily retake their test, it would be a good idea for even those of us who have been driving a long time to make sure we really do know the correct meaning of road signs and markings.”