How to Champion the #MeToo Movement at Your Charity or Care Organisation

MeToo Workplace Harassment

Care and charity organisations in the UK have recently faced a number of #MeToo moments due to allegations of sexual misconduct.

Since the sector relies heavily on the public’s trust, the recent allegations highlight the importance of professional ethics and employment practices liability (EPL) cover for employers, and for directors and officers.

To ensure that your organisation doesn’t need to rely solely on EPL, consider the following precautions to avoid expensive and embarrassing legal actions:

  • Carefully screen all staff.
  • Make sure your employee harassment training addresses the unique traits of your care organisation or charity.
  • Devise a specific plan of action to follow when someone reports inappropriate behaviour, and encourage employees to report inappropriate conduct.
  • Develop an anti-harassment policy, and review it annually.

What is Employment Practices Liability (EPL)?

Employment practices liability insurance can cover legal costs, awards and settlements for employment claims made against past, present or future employees or director officers of your organisation.

Bollington can include this cover as part of a management liabilty policy which also includes directors' and officers' liability cover, providing comprehensive protection for your organisation.

However, while this insurance can provide a valuable safety net, it shouldn't be solely relied upon to protect against wrongdoing by employees or directors and officers. It is far more important to protect staff in the first instance by having the right procedures in place, avoiding any chance of harm and subsequent reputational damage from occurring at the outset, and ensuring that anybody who works for you - and with you - is aware of their responsibilities.

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