Majority of millennials open to electric cars

Majority of millennials open to electric cars

Four out of five millennials are open to the idea of buying an electric car, according to a new piece of research.

Drivers aged between 17 and 24 were questioned about their views on electric cars and whether they would be likely to buy one. The researchers at car and insurance provider, Marmalade, found that 80 per cent said they would consider buying an electric car and that 85 per cent would do so in an effort to improve their environmental credentials.

The news that younger drivers are often very open to driving and owning electric cars might lead to an increase in dealerships looking to stock these low-emissions cars. If you are keen to up the number of environmentally friendly cars on your forecourt, ensure you update your motor trade insurance to reflect your new stock offering.

Among the other reasons given for considering electric cars as a good option was the zero road tax payable and the low running costs involved in operating an electric car in comparison to a traditional petrol or diesel car.

However, despite the openness to the idea of driving electric cars, there were some concerns among the young motorists about limitation such as a shortage of public charging points and low mileage from batteries.

The chief executive of Marmalade, Crispin Moger, stated: "Our latest survey told us that our young drivers are thinking more about a car’s green credentials before purchasing. I think this highlights a requirement for the industry and government to invest more heavily and quickly in this area of technology."