Tesco Newcastle to offer car repairs while you shop

Tesco Newcastle to offer car repairs while you shop

Tesco has announced plans to start offering super-quick car repair services at one of its supermarket sites in Newcastle, in a move that may concern independent garages.

There's no doubt that Tesco has made a habit of offering convenient services that can sometimes threaten smaller businesses. The latest is its intention to offer a one-hour minor car repair service in Newcastle, which could take place while customers do their weekly shop.

The attractive offering, planned for launch at its Newcastle Kingston store, is still subject to approval from Newcastle City Council. The service would be operated by Xpress Centres, which already offers the service to Tesco shoppers in five locations across the UK. Its plan is to extend this to a further 14 stores in 2017, with Kingston next on the list.

Tesco says the service would utilise 'underused' car park spaces and would work in synergy with its food offering.

Ultra convenient and quick repair services are attractive to drivers but great customer service is even more attractive. In order to ensure that they continue to offer something valuable to drivers, independent garage owners need to ensure they are investing in great customer service.

This includes facilities that make visiting their garage a pleasurable experience, as well as prompt service, honesty and great aftercare. Garage owners need to ensure they are fully covered by their service and repair garage insurance as part of their customer service offering.

Express Centres' website explains its plans: “The need to be local and convenient is also important, which is why we are gaining a network of sites nationwide for your convenience.”