Arson attack at garage rips through cars and commercial building

Arson attack at garage rips through cars and commercial building

Arsonists are thought to be behind a fire that swept through the premises of a car garage in Blackburn earlier this week, according to local fire services that responded to the blaze reported at 4:15am.

A member of the public reported the fire at Worldwide Tyres on 2 July. The fire services from Blackburn and nearby Darwen came to assist and found that six cars were on fire and that the blaze was already ripping through a commercial building, which was part of the garage.

According to a report in the Lancashire Telegraph newspaper, Worldwide Tyres specialises in providing tyres, exhausts, brakes, alloys and clutches, and also offers MOTs and vehicle servicing.

Reports such as the these of damaging fires at garages are all too common and should act as a reminder to dealership and garage owners to review and update their motor trade insurance regularly. Providing a dealer or garage has adequate motor trade insurance, they can get back to business quickly following an unexpected set back, such as a fire.

Blackburn CID, which is investigating the possible arson attack, told the paper: "We were called by the fire service at 4:40am to an extensive fire at commercial premises. An arson investigation has been launched and early signs indicate the fires were set deliberately." They explained that they suspected that an accelerant was used to set the cars in front of the garage on fire, and that the flames spread from there.

Firefighter were at the scene for over an hour and a half and several burned-out cars could still be seen outside the garage the following morning.