Audi to introduce virtual reality headset into car dealerships

Audi to introduce virtual reality headset into car dealerships

German car manufacturer Audi looks set to beckon in the next generation of car sales by introducing virtual reality headsets into its dealerships.

Branded as the Audi VR experience, the innovation is aimed at enhancing the customer experience in the company’s showrooms. It will enable potential car buyers to personalise and configure the vehicle of their choice and then experience driving that car in three dimensions and with full sound effects.

Technology is playing an increasingly important part in the customer experience within car dealerships and this could have an effect on motor trade insurance quotes. Companies will now need to account for the expensive hardware and software they store on site and factor this into their insurance cover so it is protected against damage or theft.

Audi has said that it is the first car-maker to develop its own dedicated retail software solution for virtual reality headsets. The company expects them to enter showrooms within the year, and it could spark similar introductions in other dealerships across the UK if it proves successful.

Other businesses have suggested in recent months that they are going to be introducing digital innovations to enhance the customer experience by offering more bespoke customisation of vehicles and greater control without having to consult with salespeople on site.

It has been suggested that in the coming years many car dealers will move to a fully automated service wherein customers can view, create, buy and collect their cars without any interaction with another human being, although how popular this will prove with the wider customer base is yet to be seen.