Bath car dealership to open adjoining MOT centre

Bath car dealership to open adjoining MOT centre

A car dealership that opened in Bath less than a year ago has announced that it is adding an MOT centre onto its premises.

Minerva Bath runs a premium car dealership as its main line of business. However, the owners Jim Currant and John Lyddy, who have more than 70 years experience in the car business between them, have now decided to extend and open their own dedicated MOT centre to complement the car sales.

For companies looking into organic expansion like this it is important to consider the implications on their combined motor trade insurance policy. Specifically, expanding the business premises will require a revision of any building insurance policies you may have in place. Furthermore, the additional tools and equipment you have onsite to perform the MOTs would also need to be factors into the motor trade insurance cover.

The new MOT centre at the bath dealership is due to open on Thursday 26 June. The owners are confident that the move will enable the company to boost profits by providing an end-to-end service for motorists.

Joint managing director Jim Currant explained: “Since we opened in July last year we have done extremely well in terms of attracting interest and generating car sales however, as our customers gradually begin to return to us for servicing it seemed a natural progression for us to open our own MOT centre rather than sending them elsewhere.

“It means we can offer a one-stop-shop, hassle free service to our clients from buying a car and looking after it year on year. It is also really important to us that we maintain our quality standards and this way we can ensure good value and quality in one.”