Car buyers search for upmarket marques

Car buyers search for upmarket marques

Used car buyers searching online tend to look at many of the upmarket brands, but settle for buying more mainstream vehicles when it comes to parting with their cash, according to analysis by

The website, which allows buyers to search based on a variety of criteria, released its research with the aim of helping car dealers with their stocking decisions for the year ahead. It hopes to give used car businesses a better idea of what car shoppers are ultimately keen to buy.

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According to, while buyers generally plump for Ford, Vauxhall, Land Rover and Mercedes Benz vehicles, they are more adventurous in their searching behaviour. Based on the most recent searches on the website, the brands that topped the table were MG, Bugatti, Alfa Romeo, Honda, Mayback, Mercedes-Benz and SEAT.

The researchers looked at the most popular search terms and what people actually bought when they were looking for a 4×4, convertible, coupe, estate, hatchback, people carrier or a saloon car.

Dermot Kelleher from said: “Clearly, we would expect to see the mainstream manufacturers represented across both sales and searches. However, it was interesting to see some of the difference in how people search for cars and what they ultimately buy.

“Understanding what consumers are searching for and what they ultimately spend their money on can help to inform which vehicles should be on the forecourts and, also, which models are likely to draw attention from which you can then move on to sell something else.”