Car buying process not changing, consumers say

Car buying process not changing, consumers say

The majority of UK consumers say that the car buying process has not changed that much in recent years, despite car dealers constantly talking about the evolution of the industry.

Research by finance provider Black Horse found that only one in 10 people believe the process of purchasing a car has changed significantly in the past three years. However, of those that have noticed a change, 73 per cent suggested that online tools have changed the way they source vehicles, while 47 per cent stated that there are now more places to buy cars from.

Those people repairing or selling cars will have recognised a similar trend when it comes to obtaining their motor trade insurance policy. Not only will more of them take to the internet to get an online road risks insurance quote, for example, but they will also call upon expert brokers such as Bollington to help them assess the increasing number of options available to them in the current market.

Back to consumers, six out of 10 (62 per cent) car buyers said that the process had become easier in recent years.

Other trends that emerged in the survey were that more than half of car buyers (57 per cent) visited a dealership within a month of deciding to buy a car. Moreover, nearly a third (32 per cent) of car buyers will visit only one dealership before buying their car of choice, with a fifth (22 per cent) visiting two dealerships, and 22 per cent visiting three dealerships.