Car dealer fined for knowingly selling dangerous vehicle

Car dealer fined for knowingly selling dangerous vehicle

A car dealer in Stockport has been fined for selling a dangerous vehicle to a buyer who was looking for their first car.

Nawaz Mahmood, 33, told a deaf customer that a Citroen C2 was an "ideal first car" despite the fact he knew that the vehicle had not been through any safety tests. The car dealer's crime was worse, the court ruled, because of the vulnerability of his customer, who had carried a note written by her family to ask if the car was safe.

To be found guilty of dishonest dealing such as this will not only land a motor trader in trouble with the law, it will also tarnish their reputation, including in the eyes of their motor trade insurance provider. When this dealer, who owns AM Motors in Stockport, needs to source insurance for his business, a black mark against his name will make it more difficult or more expensive to obtain a motor trade insurance quote.

Having bought the car, the owner discovered various faults and, following an inspection by an independent mechanic, it was found that there were 17 faults, including dangerous tyres and steering issues.

The case was brought to court by trading standards and Mr Mahmood admitted to seven offences under the Road Traffic Act at the town's magistrates court. He was fined £500 for each offence and told to pay £2,085 in costs as well as £1,018 compensation, the Manchester Evening News reported.