Car dealer found guilty for misleading customers

Car dealer found guilty for misleading customers

A car dealer in Hebburn has been convicted of misleading customers after he sold a car that had been written off twice before.

Anthony McConkey used to own Quay MOT in Hebburn before it went bankrupt. At a trial at Sunderland Magistrates Court it was revealed that back in 2013 the dealer had sold a Volkswagen Polo to a woman, which unbeknown to her had been subject to two Category C insurance losses - this means the vehicle was extensively damaged but classed as repairable.

Car dealers will live and die by the quality of the stock they sell - misleading buyers into purchasing vehicles that are in a poor condition will not only rule out any chance of customers returning, but also damage their reputation. Using a road risks insurance policy a dealer can drive the cars they are selling, which in turn will enable them to check that the vehicles are running smoothly and are in a fit condition to be sold on.

According to the Sunderland Echo, Mr McConkey's deceitful trading was uncovered when his customer took her Polo to another garage a year later to get a quote for a trade-in, only to be told that the car she had paid £1,660 for was worth just £300.

Despite denying three counts of engaging in a commercial practice which was misleading, Mr McConkey's was found guilty.