Car dealers want ‘government to listen more’

Car dealers want ‘government to listen more’

The Retail Motor Industry Federation has called for the government to pay more attention to its needs because of the vast contribution motor trade makes to the UK economy.

Speaking at the organisation’s annual dinner in London, deputy chairman Peter Johnson said the industry employs 600,000 people and generates £50 billion for the British economy every year. However, he said the attention is still given largely to the manufacturing sector, with the interests of the 8,000 businesses selling and repairing cars overlooked.

Among the many interests companies of this nature will have is the need to obtain motor trade insurance. This is a critical part of the business, as it can cover everything from employees driving customers’ vehicles on the road through to offering protection for stock, tools, equipment, staff and members of the public at the business’ premises.

Following on from Mr Johnson’s comments, Sue Robinson, the director of the National Franchised Dealers Association, said that she had attended various party conferences over the summer and found many MPs to be ignorant as to the investment and impact of dealers on local economies.

She added that many MPs have not been to visit motor trade businesses, despite the role they are playing in the economic recovery.

Ms Robinson said: "We want the UK to understand that there are two parties involved in motor retailing in the UK and there should be more equality in the voice that gets heard and the attention dealer receive."