Car dealership accused of trading without a licence

Car dealership accused of trading without a licence

A car dealership in Dundee stands accused of trading without the proper licence and failing to keep records.

Charles Sandeman, owner of Glencross Motors, reportedly traded in second hand goods between 16 June and 25 June 2014. Among the things the business is said to have done is sell registration plates despite not being registered to do so. It also failed to keep records of each number plate sale it completed, it's alleged.

There are various legal requirements that car dealers must stay on top of, including licences for selling specific goods. They also require things like public liability cover as part of their combined motor trade insurance policies - this is a legal necessity for any customer-facing business and protects prospective car buyers while they are in a dealership's showroom.

According to The Courier, a man is also alleged to have tried to get away with using Glencross Motors' road risks insurance policy. William Handy, 53, told police officers that he worked at the dealership and was covered to drive the vehicle he was in by the company's insurance policy.

The newspaper explains: "Mr Handy is also accused of pretending to two officers that he was an employee of Glencross Motors and was covered by their motor trade insurance policy in order to avoid prosecution and pervert the course of justice, on the same date and location."

The allegations are due to be dealt with at a hearing later this week.