Car dealership shells out £650,000 for digital upgrades

Car dealership shells out £650,000 for digital upgrades

A car dealership in Devonshire has invested £650,000 to revamp its site and turn it into a state-of-the-art digital showroom.

The decision by the Newton Abbot dealership is indicative of a current trend in the motor trade industry to modernise facilities to bring them more in line with consumers’ expectations, albeit on a larger scale than most. From improving waiting areas through to creating pods for people to research and buy cars, these changes are geared towards improving customer experience, sales conversion and customer retention.

For any business looking to make alterations to their own site, however drastic, it is important to consider how it might impact on their motor trade insurance. When changing a site or including new features on the premises, a company must ensure their insurance policy still provides adequate cover – speaking to expert brokers such as Bollington should be the first port of call when obtaining or amending any such policy.

In the case of the Devonshire dealership, the upgrades have not been without their inconvenience. Firstly, the business has had to move to a temporary site while the renovation is completed. Secondly, local residents have had their journeys hampered by cranes and trucks blocking surrounding roads.

Nevertheless, managing director Kevin Murray told the Exeter Express and Echo that it will all be worth it. He said: “It shows a real commitment to the Newton Abbot business community, as well as being a significant investment in the local economy.

“The high level of investment shows our commitment to establishing Newton Abbot Volkswagen as a key employer in the area, and to delivering the level of customer service that is expected from such a prestigious brand.”