Car dealership staff getting older

Car dealership staff getting older

It is going to become far more common to find four generations of staff working in car dealerships, according to the latest research by Jobco-op Automotive.

A recent study by the automotive recruitment firm found that there is an increasingly broad age range among car dealers' employees, with teenagers and people in their 60s or even 70s working side by side. A combination of pension failures, a later retirement age and general improvement in people’s health in later life has meant that it is no longer unusual to see older generations still working in automotive companies.

Whether you are hiring people in their late teens or those with a few more grey hairs, a company’s staff should always be a key consideration when searching for a motor trade insurance policy. The number of staff you have onsite and the functions they perform will determine the specific cover you need while it is also important to look at getting employers' liability and public liability policies to ensure your staff and their actions are covered, regardless of their age.

The trend towards a greater number of older, more experienced personnel working later into life could, the study argues, has a positive impact on the workplace. Those who have worked in the motor trade industry for decades will be able to provide insights and training into best practice.

Derek Webb, sales director at Jobco-op Automotive, said: “Someone who has worked for five decades in the motor trade is unlikely to be fazed by anything that happens within the business; they are likely to have seen something similar previously and will frequently have useful contributions to make.”