Car garage facing big bill after spate of vandalism and theft

Car garage facing big bill after spate of vandalism and theft

A car garage in Dorchester is facing a £1,000 repair bill after vandals damaged the building and one of the vehicles inside.

Poundbury Garage, based on the Poundbury West Industrial Estate, repairs and services cars as well as providing a base for taxi firm Bob’s Cars. Vandals recently broke in and started a fire, which damaged one of the cars being repaired onsite, and damaged the main door to the garage, while thousands of pounds worth of engine parts were also stolen in an earlier break-in.

Speaking to the Dorset Echo, manager Ben Galloway has said there will be substantial costs involved in correcting the wrongdoings, illustrating the importance and value of having a good motor trade insurance policy in place. If Poundbury Garage has proper cover for its building, as well as the vehicles onsite and its tools and parts, then these acts of vandalism and theft ought to be covered, ensuring the firm is not left to foot the bill.

Mr Galloway has reported the incidences to the police but the culprits are yet to be found. One man was found to be sleeping rough inside a Ford Granada that the garage was working on but no action has been taken against him.

The most recent vandalism damage alone could, Mr Galloway said, “cost up to £1,000 to get fixed”. He added: “It’s not much but if anyone has got a similar car parked up they need to know something like this could happen and to be aware of it.”