Car mechanic attacked by disgruntled customer

Car mechanic attacked by disgruntled customer

A car mechanic lost two teeth after being punched in the face by a customer who believed he was being ripped off.

Jason Dewar took his car into National Tyres at Concord, Washington because one of the tyres was losing air. He had wanted for the faulty tyre to simply be patched up but due to the nature of the puncture mechanic Michael Anderson had to replace the tyre with the spare, otherwise it would not have been safe to drive.

Believing this was an attempt by the car garage to get more money out of him, Mr Dewar lashed out, hitting Mr Anderson in the face, leaving the mechanic with cuts and lost teeth.

Among the many risks mechanics face to their health in what can be a dangerous line of work, the aggression of disgruntled customers is one of the less common. Nevertheless, in recognising that members of staff can be hurt while at work, it is important that anyone running a car repair business has a combined motor trade insurance policy in place that includes employer's liability cover, thereby providing financial protection in case an accident or injury should occur.

Mr Dewar, 35, appeared at Newcastle Crown Court over the incident, where he admitted causing grievous bodily harm. He was sentenced to six months imprisonment, suspended for 18 months, with 200 hours unpaid work, a £2,500 compensation order and £340 costs.