Car service costs vary greatly by region, research finds

Car service costs vary greatly by region, research finds

The cost of having your car serviced can vary greatly from region to region, the latest research has suggested.

A study by What Car? magazine has found that, depending whereabouts you live across the UK, there is a large disparity in the amount being charged for a car service. The most expensive area was the south-east of England and London, with an average cost of £244 and £242 respectively, while the cheapest rates were in Scotland (£210) and Wales (£217).

While location has been revealed to have a notable impact on car service costs, so too will it affect the price of a company’s motor trade insurance. The risks associated with the specific location of a car dealership or garage – such as crime rates or the risk of natural disasters like flooding from nearby rivers – will be an important factor in how much you have to pay for an insurance policy. With this in mind, firms should ensure they purchase the right motor trade insurance to cover the risks a business could face.

What Car? magazine recommends that the frugal motorist could save money by travelling a little further to get their vehicle serviced. In a study of the 10 most popular cars in the UK, it found there was an average price gap of £126 in the servicing costs between eight different regions. The time and petrol money required to travel to a different garage could pay for itself, with savings in excess of £100.

According to the research, motorists could collectively save around £285 million annually by seeking out the cheapest maintenance quotes.