Classic car dealer spotted driving after disqualification

Classic car dealer spotted driving after disqualification

A classic car dealer who was banned from driving has succumbed to temptation by getting behind the wheel of two sports cars, a court has heard.

Simon Robinson, the owner of the Ketton Garage in Darlington, was disqualified and jailed for driving at 70mph up the wrong side of the A1 six years ago. However, while serving his ban he was spotted by police driving a Jaguar and a Porsche Boxster on two separate occasions, the Northern Echo reported.

Car dealers will naturally need to drive the vehicles they are selling as part of their day-to-day business operations, which is why they must get a road risks insurance policy. Needless to say, not having a valid driving licence will prevent a car dealer from being able to do any such thing and black marks like this on one’s history will also make it far harder to get a policy in the future.

Appearing at Newton Aycliffe Magistrate’s Court, a judge heard that Mr Robinson only had a provisional licence following his 2008 disqualification for dangerous driving. Prosecutors stated that in July this year he was spotted driving a Porsche onto the garage forecourt and then, having said that he would not do such a thing again, was seen driving a Jaguar to the dealership the very next month.

Mr Robinson was given an eight-week custodial sentence, suspended for six months, his licence was endorsed with six penalty points, he was banned from driving for another three months and he was ordered to pay £165.