Couple buy 75th Vauxhall from same dealership

Couple buy 75th Vauxhall from same dealership

A dealership in Milton Keynes has sold its 75th Vauxhall to a couple who just love the brand.

Alan and Avis Cinch from Northampton average two brand-new Vauxhall purchases a year and all their purchases are made through the Thurlow Nunn dealership in Milton Keynes, according to reports from the Northampton Chronicle.

After buying their first Vauxhall in the 1980s, the couple is now on their 75th purchase from the business, and are still as happy as ever. Their daughter Judy is also showing signs of following suit.

Judy told the paper: “When we ring the team at Thurlow Nunn they know exactly who we are and we are all on first name terms. We just like Vauxhalls.”

To stay in business since the 1980s and maintain such loyalty from their customers suggests that the team at Thurlow Nunn are on the ball when it comes to their business. For other companies seeking to emulate such success, a motor trade insurance policy is an important business tool in protecting the company and its employees and customers from any unexpected accidents or unplanned costs.

David Hyde, the sales manager at the dealership, told the Chronicle that the Cinch family is “fantastically loyal”. He added: "We're extremely happy to have them as customers."