Court case against car dealer collapses

Court case against car dealer collapses

A Scottish used car dealer claims police were “looking for a crime that did not exist” after a lengthy legal case against him collapsed.

Charles Sandeman, 40, who ran Glencross Motors in Dundee, had been taken to court for allegedly trading without a licence. However, the Sheriff overseeing the case has ordered that it be dropped and Mr Sandeman will now not face prosecution.

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Mr Sandeman, who has rebranded his business in Clepington Road as Motormile Motors, had faced a legal battle lasting for almost two years. The case had twice been adjourned before the Sheriff decided it should be dropped altogether.

Mr Sandeman told The Courier: “It has had a massive effect on myself and my family. I couldn’t put a figure on how much money I’ve lost, but this has got nothing to do with the money.

“I’m just angry at the way the police have acted. They were looking for a crime that didn’t exist. I haven’t got a clue why I was targeted by the police, but it was just a fishing expedition.”

The car dealer, who has been in the business for 15 years, said he had no criminal convictions whatsoever and he did not understand why he had been prosecuted.

The Crown Office said that the Sheriff had made an order on February 2 that Police Scotland disclosed “further material” relating to the case to the defence and prosecution.

The spokesman said: “The Crown requested further time to obtain, process and consider this material. We note the decision of the Sheriff to deny that request and bring proceedings to an end.”