Customer friendly websites key for car dealers, says Auto Trader

Customer friendly websites key for car dealers, says Auto Trader

Having a customer-friendly website is critical for the success of a car dealership, new research has shown.

This is the message coming loud and clear from Auto Trader. Research carried out by the company found that 71 per cent of used-car buyers visit a dealer’s website before making a purchase, meaning the sellers should have an easy to use and up to date website if they are to convert online traffic into sales.

The findings are true of the wider trend in which consumers of almost all products are researching their purchases online before then handing over their money. Bollington caters to these demands by providing online motor trade insurance quotes, so any car dealer or mechanic can shop for the necessary insurance their business needs - however, once a motor trader has received their quote, it is advised they speak to the expert brokers who can advise on the best policy to meet their needs.

Auto Trader conducted interviews with 1,300 new and used-car customers. It found that there was a higher proportion of digital forecourt visits for car supermarket customers, at 78 per cent, and independents at 75 per cent, while there was a lower proportion of people visiting the sites of franchise dealers, at just 61 per cent.

When asked why they visited car dealers' websites, more than half (57 per cent) said they wanted to check the range of stock, 41 per cent to check availability of a car for sale and 53 per cent to check prices.