Diversification is the name of the game for garage group

Diversification is the name of the game for garage group

A Dorset garage business which has been running since the 1960s and works from two village sites has diversified to support the rural community where it operates.

Forge Garages’ sites both sell fuel and have shops attached, but the Milton on Stour branch has a mechanic’s workshop and the Bourton site also runs the local Post Office.

When you diversify or expand your garage business, it’s important to check you have the right level of motor trade insurance to meet your business’ new needs. Whether you are adding new equipment or extra space, your coverage needs will change as your business grows.

Forge Garages repairs and services all types of vehicles but specialises in three-wheelers and trikes, some of which are bespoke builds and do not have manuals. It is one of the few service centres in the area that takes on this type of work. The team also works on quad bikes, which are becoming increasingly popular in the rural area it serves.

The business also sets itself apart from competitors with its traditional approach. Staff fill up customers’ cars with fuel for them and also check oil and tyre pressures while they wait, Blackmore Vale Magazine reported.

The garage also takes customers’ vehicles from its Bourton branch across to Milton on Stour to the workshop on their behalf and delivers them back. Providing a personalised service remains key to retaining customers in a competitive market.

Even though it has a traditional approach, Forge Garages also has cutting edge modern equipment. It uses computer diagnostics to aid the experienced team of mechanics. New tyre fitting and dynamic balancing equipment has also just been added at the workshop.

The variety of services the garages supply mean they are continuing to thrive and are busy hubs in the two villages where they operate.