Driverless car insurance policy launched

Driverless car insurance policy launched

The UK's first driverless car insurance policy for individuals has been reportedly launched by broker Adrian Flux, which could further open up the market to driverless cars.

So far, the introduction of driverless cars has prompted many people to question how insurance would work for such vehicles, as it would be so difficult to pinpoint the cause of an accident. However, Adrian Flux says its new policy could break down this barrier and make driverless car ownership a reality for many.

As cars with autonomous features become more popular with drivers, dealership owners may want to increase the number of these cars on their forecourts. In light of this, it is extremely important that they keep their motor trade insurance up to date so that all new quotas are covered in their policies.

The launch of the policy comes ahead of the anticipated launch of the Tesla Model 3 car later this year. Adrian Flux explained that the policy is specifically "for people who may have driverless or autonomous features in their existing car, or who may be thinking of buying a new car with driverless or autopilot features such as Tesla's forthcoming Model 3".

The policy includes a wealth of added features that protect the driverless-car owner against damage to, or problems with, the technology needed to make their car autonomous. This includes protection against damage caused by hacking, software update problems and satellite failures, for example.

In terms of liability for accidents, the policy clearly states that the driver "will always need to be able to take control of the car at any point in their journey". This suggests that driver will still be regarded as fully liable for accidents caused by their vehicle.