Driverless cars and new technology 'key for business growth'

Driverless cars and new technology 'key for business growth'

The majority of small businesses in the UK believe that new technology is essential for growth, a new study has revealed.

A survey of 1,000 adults in the UK, including 100 business owners, showed that 60 per cent saw new technology as a critical driver of growth. Driverless cars were highlighted as one of the new technologies that people think is likely to have a major impact, with four in 10 of the company owners saying that they would own an autonomous car in the future.

Whether it is driverless cars or other types of technology - such as diagnostic tools or laser cutting devices - car dealerships and garages must protect these incredibly valuable assets. They can do so by including technological devices within their combined motor trade insurance policy, which will ensure they are reimbursed if these items are maliciously damaged or stolen.

The survey revealed interesting differences of opinion between consumers and business owners. For example, two thirds of the business owners quizzed said that they believe cars will be driverless in the future, whereas 90 per cent of consumers said they do not think driverless cars will become a reality.

Furthermore, 54.4 per cent of businesses owners responded by saying they are interested to see how technology will advance, while just a third of consumers said the same thing.