Drivers more reckless in company cars, study finds

Drivers more reckless in company cars, study finds

Drivers are 25 per cent more likely to be involved in minor accidents when they are driving cars that do not belong to them, new research has shown.

According to a survey by IAM Drive & Survive on Springboard UK, people who drive company vehicles are more commonly involved in incidents than they are when driving their own vehicles. The study found that 63 per cent of car park bumps or minor scrapes took place in company cars, not personal vehicles.

These findings relate to some important aspects of motor trade insurance; for companies whose employees drive vehicles which don’t belong to them – perhaps they collect or drop off customers' cars – road risks insurance will ensure any accidents are covered, should the driver prove to be more careless in the vehicle they don’t own.

Likewise, any company that provides rental or hire cars will also need to have self drive hire cover in place to make sure any potential damage to the vehicle will not have to be paid for by them; all these types of insurance can be provided by Bollington, including daily, monthly or annual insurance rates on vehicles you hire out.

In the IAM research, 17 per cent of motorists admitted they were more likely to speed when driving for work, compared to 11 per cent of people when driving for leisure purposes. Furthermore, drivers were also shown to be less diligent in checking tyre pressure, driving in a fuel efficient manner and performing general maintenance when the vehicle they were driving did not belong to them.