Fire at Nottingham car garage not suspicious, police say

Fire at Nottingham car garage not suspicious, police say

Police in Nottingham have said that a fire, which ripped through a local car garage, is not being treated as suspicious.

A blaze broke out at the site of AT Cars in Wollaton Road, near Crown Island, in the early hours of Tuesday morning (13 October). Huge flames could be seen emanating from the car sales premises, with some local residents choosing to flee their homes amid concerns that a huge explosion could occur due to the petrol tanks stored on site.

With an investigation into the fire underway, police have said that they are not treating it as a suspicious attack, the Nottingham Post reported. Nevertheless, the garage will need to call upon its combined motor trade insurance policy to help recover the costs of the damage done.

Motor trade insurance can offer protection for cars and spare parts stored on site as well as the premises itself. If business interruption cover is included, the insurance can also offer contributions towards loss of earnings while a garage or dealership shuts its doors for repairs.

Gary McDermott, 59, of nearby Sutton Passeys Crescent, said of the fire at AT Cars: "The garage has been there forever, as long as I've lived here. It's a real shame for the owners."

Nicola Bramley, 25, who lives next to the garage, was awoken by a taxi driver who alerted her to the fire. She commented: "It was so close to us. I could hear things popping and I saw the fire out of my bedroom window.

"I grabbed my daughter and ran out. The flames were huge - they were above the trees. It was really scary - I didn't know whether it was going to spread or blow as there is a petrol tank there as well.

"The fire brigade got it under control very quickly."