Fire rages for two days at car repair site

Fire rages for two days at car repair site

A commercial vehicle servicing business in Lancashire has been almost totalling destroyed after a fire ripped through the site over the weekend.

The blaze broke out at Frank Owen’s Commercial Vehicle Servicing on Friday night (3 July) as 5,000 tyres suddenly set on fire. It took firefighters from Burnley, Padiham, and Hyndburn to attempt to bring the flames under control and crews remained on the site until Sunday, when the fire had finally died down.

With flammable material commonly stored on the sites of car repair businesses, fires are an everyday hazard. That is why car garages must have a high quality combined motor trade insurance policy that offers protection for all the businesses assets - this does not only include vehicles stored on site but also equipment, spare parts and the premises itself.

According to Wigan Today, people who live near the flaming car repair site were advised to keep their windows closed as thick black smoke filled the air for miles around the blaze. Eight fire engines and a cherry picker were used to quell the flames while roads were closed by police.

The fire services remained on the scene until Sunday, damping down and using on-site machinery to extinguish smouldering debris. They reportedly managed to stop the fire spreading beyond the stack of tyres and to the surrounding area.

Police say that it is not yet known whether or not the fire was started deliberately, nor is the full extent of the damage to the business.