Firefighters tackle city centre garage workshop blaze

Firefighters tackle city centre garage workshop blaze

Around 30 firefighters were called out to tackle a major blaze at a garage workshop, amid fears that gas cylinders on the premises would ignite and spark an explosion.

The fire at Tara Motor Repairs near Birmingham city centre started late on Tuesday night and required firecrews from seven stations to bring it under control. Roads were closed around the scene and local people were warned to stay away because of the danger of an explosion.

Fire has to be one of the key fears of any business, and garages can be at risk because of the flammable nature of gases and liquids kept on site as a necessary part of the job. Keeping your motor trade insurance policy up to date and sufficient to cover the business, including the premises and any equipment stored there, is absolutely vital.

The major concern of firefighters dealing with the Birmingham blaze was that the heat from the flames would ignite the acetylene gas cylinders in the workshop. Fortunately, they were able to prevent them from exploding, although the fire itself caused major damage to the business.

The whole of the one-storey workshop was affected by smoke and firecrews said that around a third was damaged by the flames. It’s understood that at least one car was inside the garage when the fire started.

Alison Newis from West Midlands Fire Service told the Express & Star: "Thirty firefighters attended the scene and were using breathing apparatus. A hydraulic platform was also used to identify the fire's hotspots.

"All electrics were isolated and there was no gas supply to the building."

The service sent fire appliances from Ladywood, Handsworth, Highgate, Bournbrook, Aston, Haden Cross and Hay Mills to tackle the fire.

The cause of the blaze is being investigated but it’s currently believed to have started accidentally.