Fraudster avoids jail after £60,000 car dealership scam

Fraudster avoids jail after £60,000 car dealership scam

A fraudster who claimed he was buying a £60,000 Porsche for his disabled father-in-law has managed to avoid a jail sentence.

Scott Davis contacted a Porsche dealership in 2012 using a fake name saying he wanted to buy a Cayenne for his disabled family member, who did not exist, and he said he would pay for the vehicle in instalments. Later the same year he went to a Volkswagen dealership to buy 10 cars for his fictional property business, again agreeing to pay for the vehicles in instalments - in both cases he missed the repayments and tried to escape without paying for the cars.

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According to Get Surrey, Mr Davis pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud at Guildford Crown Court this month and the judge sentenced him to 15 months imprisonment suspended for two years. The court heard that Mr Davis was given the cars on the basis of his particular situation in both cases, which turned out to be lies.

Mr David, who has been convicted twice in the past, owed £7,000 for the Porsche Cayenne and £5,000 for the Volkswagen Beetle. He was ordered to repay the outstanding £12,000 owed to both car dealerships.