FTA calls for review of HGV regulations

FTA calls for review of HGV regulations

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has called for HGV regulations to be reviewed to ensure that all HGVs operating on public roads are subject to the same regulations.

The association expressed particular concern around a Department for Transport consultation proposal, which would consider allowing volumetric concrete mixers to operate outside or in excess of Construction and Use weight limits.

Furthermore, the FTA called for these vehicles to be incorporated within the Operator Licencing requirements.

Head of urban logistics at the organisation, Christopher Snelling, commented: “FTA believes that in general if a vehicle is operating on the public roads and has the same risk profile as an HGV it should be subject to similar levels of regulation.

“We are working with our members in the construction logistics sector to try to improve road safety, especially that of cyclists.”

He went on to note that proper regulations - and implementation of these regulations - can help to improve road safety for all users.

Any businesses working with HGVs should keep an eye on potential changes to regulations such as these. Not only could they invalidate a motor trade insurance policy if not followed, but there could be very serious risks to the health and safety of employees and other road users. Indeed, the FTA noted that the number of HGVs involved in fatal incidents on Britain's roads has halved in the last 12 years as regulation has improved to protect people.