Homes evacuated after car repair business goes up in flames

Homes evacuated after car repair business goes up in flames

Residents in Kings Lynn have had to evacuate their homes after a fire started at a nearby car garage.

Eight fire crews attended the blaze at Bennett Accident Repair Centre on Hamburg Way and, although they were able to get the flames under control, fears that gas containers could explode caused them to evacuate the surrounding area. It is unknown what started the fire at the car repair site, which contained 20 cars, the Eastern Daily Press reported.

Incidents such as this are unfortunately common among car repair companies, with the nature of the materials and equipment these businesses store on site making blazes like this all the more likely. That is why a high quality motor trade insurance policy is so important – this can provide protection for the vehicles, tools and parts stored on site, as well as the premises itself.

Mick Summers, manager of Bennett Accident Repair Centre, explained: “We had a phone call saying that the burglar alarm was going off and then I found out the place was on fire – that’s not what you expect on a Sunday afternoon.

“At least no one was hurt. I haven’t seen any flames since I have been here, just smoke. But the fire brigade have been fantastic; they have kept us up-to-date all throughout. But we have 16 cars belonging to customers in there and four courtesy cars – it’s not going to be great ringing them and the insurers in the morning.”