Hyundai to showcase hydrogen vehicles at dealerships

Hyundai to showcase hydrogen vehicles at dealerships

Two London-based Hyundai dealerships are to start selling the brand’s hydrogen-powered cars this year.

The brand currently only sells the hydrogen-driven ix35 SUV from its UK headquarters in High Wycombe, but the growth of interest in alternatively-powered vehicles means it is expanding their availability.

There has been much more interest from consumers in the past few years in alternatively-powered, ‘greener’ vehicles, with electric and electric-hybrids leading the way. If you are looking to take advantage of the trend and stock alternatively-fuelled cars in your showroom, check your motor trade insurance and road risks insurance are adequate to cover the diversification.

Hyundai sustainable fuels development manager Robin Hayles said that the London specialists would be able to discuss sales, finance and tax benefits of hydrogen vehicles with customers.

He told AM-Online: “It has been quite an intensive hand-holding process in terms of educating the customer and it has just been easier for us to do it that way.

“Ultimately, there’s no reason why this car can’t be part of the dealership network’s offering.”

Hydrogen cars are still a rarity in the UK. Hyundai has sold around 15 of the vehicles and there are also a number of converted Ford Transit vans using the alternative fuel. There are just six refuelling stations, but applications to build eight in the capital and three in Aberdeen have been submitted.

As well as ensuring there is an adequate infrastructure to refuel hydrogen vehicles, there is also wider work to be done to inform drivers about the benefits of the greener fuel.

Mr Hayes said that Hyundai has been working on the fuel tanks to ensure their safety and that drivers can have confidence in the technology.

He said: “What we have is something that will not burst in an accident. The hard bit is educating people about that.”