London drivers suffer the worst road rage, poll finds

London drivers suffer the worst road rage, poll finds

Drivers in London have been found to be the angriest anywhere in the UK, according to a new study.

A poll by revealed that drivers in the nation’s capital suffered from the most road rage, with 63 per cent of motorists saying that driving made them angrier. Yorkshire, meanwhile, was found to be the most relaxing place to drive, with only 17 per cent of motorists from the north claiming that driving caused them stress.

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The study found that, as a general rule, the closer drivers were to big cities, the angrier they got on the roads. After Yorkshire, the next most relaxed motorists could be found in the Scottish Highlands (19 per cent) and southwest England (24 per cent). This is compared to far higher numbers in London (63 per cent), the Midlands (59 per cent), southeast England (58 per cent) and northwest England (44 per cent).

The research also examined what it was that enraged Britain’s motorists - it found that traffic jams were the number one cause of anger on the roads (45 per cent), followed by cyclists and pedestrians (34 per cent), having to wait at traffic lights and junctions (33 per cent), and lorries (26 per cent).