London garage owner offers 'cancer MOTs'

London garage owner offers 'cancer MOTs'

A London garage owner is saving lives by introducing a ‘cancer MOT’ for his customers.

Errol McKellar runs a car garage in Hackney, east London. By offering discounts on MOTs for customers who agree to go to their GP for a check-up, the 56-year-old has reportedly helped to save the lives of 23 men who did not realise they had prostate cancer, an illness that effects one in eight men and Mr McKellar himself survived in 2010.

The humanitarian discounts given out by this motor trader are geared towards tackling unseen but very real threats. In his own line of work Mr McKellar can take the same proactive approach by ensuring he has a quality road risks insurance policy in place; this could protect him and any employees he names on the policy against the magnitude of risks motorists face on the road when they have to drive vehicles as part of their business operations.

The Hackney garage owner says that the 23 men who have been diagnosed through his campaigning come from a list of around 3,000 customers over the past three years. The money that he discounts from his services is then donated to fund research into prostate cancer.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Mr McKellar said: “My view is if you can save one person a day you’re doing something. Men need to get rid of this macho attitude which makes them stubborn about seeing their GP. It’s good to speak to women as well because they make sure men get seen.

“There have been side-effects from my treatment but the fact is I’m alive — and to me that’s a bonus.”