Lunchtime is the 'peak time' for motorists booking online servicing

Lunchtime is the peak time for motorists booking online servicing and MoTs for their cars, new research has revealed.

According to Chief executive of The Motorist’s Organisation, Douglas Rotberg, the results of Garage Compare study suggest that many drivers take time to arrange their MoT and service while eating lunch at their desk or at the kitchen table at around noon, which causes a fluctuation in booking numbers.

In recent years the automotive industry has seen a significant boost in the number of products and services ordered online, with many people even choosing to purchase their used cars via websites. Car dealers and garages themselves are witnessing a similar trend, with individuals in this industry opting to take to the internet to get an online motor trade insurance quote at a time convenient to them.

The results of the report contradicts much of the research on online car purchases, which regularly concludes that people search for a new or used car as a leisure activity in the evening, between 6pm and 9pm.

“By contrast, booking a service is obviously a more practical purchase and most people seem to want to sort out their arrangements during the day, although levels on our web site remain at around two-thirds of peak level until as late as 8pm," said Rotberg.