Majority of motorists don’t want driverless cars

Majority of motorists don’t want driverless cars

Recent research has shown that the vast majority of UK motorists want to retain the right to drive their own vehicles rather than be passengers in driverless vehicles, reports AM Online.

A survey of 1,000 UK motorists and 92,000 members of IAM RoadSmart has revealed that around 65 per cent think that a human being should always be in control of any vehicle on UK roads. A further 53 per cent stated that the industry should focus on ensuring that drivers are safer, instead of removing them from the equation with potentially safer cars in the form of driverless models.

It’s great news for car dealerships that regular vehicles are likely to be around for many years to come. However, during any transition period ahead, car dealerships should ensure they regularly update their motor trade insurance, so it provides the appropriate level of cover for their vehicles.

While many believe that new technological advances in the automotive industry have helped make cars much safer, they nevertheless believed that overall control should remain in human hands.

Sarah Sillars, the chief executive of IAM RoadSmart, said of the survey results: “Technological advances that make driving and riding safer for all road users have to be embraced wholeheartedly – but British motorists and our members, do want the right to drive.

“Intelligent cars will deliver a step change in road safety by targeting the human errors we make from time-to-time. At IAM RoadSmart, we believe a well-trained driver and an ever-vigilant car is a win-win scenario for the future.”