Mazda’s £12 million network upgrade nears completion

Mazda’s £12 million network upgrade nears completion

Mazda UK has said that it will complete more than 90 per cent of its £12 million upgrades to its network of car dealerships across the country by April 2016.

Additionally, Mazda UK has said that its currently outsourced Mazda Academy training facility will be moved in-house. Mazda UK will now host training at its brand new headquarters in Dartford, with a team of nine Academy staff charged with creating bespoke training for its 135 dealers.

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On the £12 million investment, Brett Hague, Mazda UK’s head of franchising and network development, said: “More than 90 per cent of dealer sites — some 107 — are on track to be refurbished by late April, with 14 sites being either rebuilt or relocated. The investment reinforces Mazda UK’s position as the franchise of choice for dealer groups looking to expand their portfolio.

“The new look inside and out is just the outward sign of what is a much deeper change within the 135-strong network as Mazda UK looks to build on its sales success which has delivered some 60 per cent growth over the last three years.”

Regarding the move to bring training in-house, Mr. Hague added: “We want frontline dealer staff to focus on delivering a first-class customer experience that makes the car buying process enjoyable and straightforward.

“Our target for 2016 is to see dealer profitability going up, staff attrition going down while at the same time introducing a new way for Mazda to measure customer satisfaction.

“We want our customers to enjoy the Mazda experience so that they become our brand ambassadors and tell their family, friends and colleagues.”